Three Big Cat-Loving Writers

We have a lot to say about the three arguably most-famous cat-loving writers:

ai-generated black & white image of 1950s writer Charles Bukowski & a big black cat sitting on the curb in front of palm trees & a Hollywood stucco bungalow
Hollywood: Charles Bukowski & Black Cat
ai-generated color photorealistic image of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami & a tabby cat in the mouth of a stone well or culvert
Haruki Murakami & Cat in Mouth of Well
ai-generated photorealistic colorized image of writer Ernest Hemingway holding a black & white cat on the steps of his Key West abode with palm trees
Key West: Ernest Hemingway Holding a Cat

Charles Bukowski, Haruki Murakami, and Ernest Hemingway.

Their work, their lives with cat companions, and, perhaps most-importantly, their best works FEATURING cats.

Which one of the contributing staff are best-equipped to unroll, unpack, explore and share on these fan-favorite topics? We think it will take MORE THAN JUST ONE of us to do them justice!

Who is your favorite?

Note: art in this post is human-informed & prompted AI-generated images

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