Cats In High Places 

Astra is still grieving over Honey moving away. I “made” her take a walk to get out of the house … outside of her pain.

Of course I know you cannot “make” Astra or any cat-like creature do anything, but you can patiently issue invitations. You can stand there, and you can start walking away from them. Walk towards something they are curious about. The great unknown.

Sometimes it works. Like when Astra would walk Honey down the street and around the corner back towards the trail leading to her “real” home.

On our walk we saw cats above us. Up high. In trees. On roofs. Like this cold slippery metal roof:

I wonder if this is why people are afraid of cats. Why people speak more highly of dogs as man’s best friend: because dogs can’t climb trees. Dogs are always beneath you. Subordinate.

Cats, on the other hand, sleekly ascend to heights man cannot attain without tools. Cats get above us. Cats can jump up on our shoulders and pounce down on our heads like the slinky fearless predators they are.

We are afraid of cats: their easy threatening occupation of high places above us.

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