About Barbara

Hallo, fellow travelers to the wide world of CATS!

I’m Barbara, but you can call me Barb. I live in Ballard, WA (Seattle area), home of the Nordic Heritage Museum and a rich Scandinavian immigrant history and population … and some of the best cats you’ve ever met!

I’m not 100% Norwegian, but I’m young at heart; what I *do* know is how to have fun in the Nordic (and Caribbean and Polynesian) sun AND help keep you and your cats safe, whether at home or while you’re abroad taking in magnificent views like the fjords bathed in Northern Lights.

My main interests are cruising, cozy mysteries, crosswords and cocktails on a sunny pool deck, … and cats! I should warn you though — I also have a soft spot for small dogs. 😉

They say that “God” is “DOG” spelled backwards, and I for one believe it’s true. I feel the heart of God and Angels in cats, squirrels, dogs and other animals … even an albatross who visited me at sea at that painful transition when my dear husband (who taught me to love Norway) slipped away. But that’s a story for another time …