Astra & Infinity Battle Into Twilight

I tell Astra she can’t win, but some evenings — like this hot summer night — she insists on testing the cat. Trying to lure Infinity inside. Beckoning with treats as night falls.

Infinity steps farther away the more Astra offers her.

Astra runs different ideas past me, looking for encouragement. But I am not about to try to broker a deal between these two.

Stig-generated art does not capture the REAL Infinity (or our more wild backyard)

Infinity will not be domesticated. I know she has already won.

Down the alley in the distance under a thick blanket of muggy summer air, the cackling screams of stranger cats fighting can be heard.

Astra listens with her arms crossed. Infinity sits solid as a sphinx at the far boundary of our property. Front paws planted firmly on the dying grass beneath her.

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