Mamma’s Cat: Lush & Luxurious

Taking a break from travels to stay close to home. Not MY home in Ballard, but my mother’s in Bellingham. That’s right! Barb here is right at home in the Puget Sound’s B-towns! I’m a gal who *loves* a little (or a lot of) alliteration!

Mamma is in the hospital recovering from an intense surgery. While she heals up I’m at Moder’s house taking care of her beautiful companion / cat.

Photo of Mamma’s cat looking absolutely luxurious keeping cool lounging on the wood floor by a bunch of Mamma’s lush houseplants:

Mamma’s cat is a model of how to live the good life in the summertime, moving from place to place in the house and yard to find the most comfortable temperature for the weather and time of day. Honestly, though, I think she mainly chooses this particular spot in the doorway between the kitchen and living room to get attention, knowing a) I will have to step over or around her to get anywhere, and b) she looks BEAUTIFUL with her green eyes contrasting with the warm dark wood and her ginger fur contrasting with the green foliage.

Mamma’s cat lays here betting on how absolutely irresistible she is; chances are good I will be seduced into lavishing her with affection.

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